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Avalon Family CareInitial Branding & Website Development

21 ads media created a website and digital presence for patients to connect with their future wellness provider.

Avalon Family Care is a new family medicine practice in Madison, AL serving ages 2 and up. They address many acute and chronic conditions through an innovative approach to medicine – the membership medicine program.

Most physician’s have a lengthy patient waiting list, but as a member of the membership medicine program at Avalon Family Care, patients receive a personalized approach to medicine dedicated to curating a path for your current and future wellness.

As a start-up medical practice, Avalon desired the complete “bells and whistles” package from 21 ads media, and we were happy to oblige. Starting from logo creation and moving to website development, it was our pleasure to work with Dr. Finnila and his team at Avalon Family Care. As always, 21 ads media exists to create and help your small business plant its roots to propel future growth.

Creating a logo designed to attract clients

Needless to say, the logo is the face of your business. It is the first interaction a possible client has with your business, and therefore it needs to not only represent your business and its services, but it should also represent the company’s values and principles, staff and serve to invite people to try its product and services. 
For Avalon Family Care, a scratch pad was taken out, and the creation process began. The owners desired a professional look for the medical practice, with an emphasis on representing their values of providing exceptional care for the patients. 
We love the creating process at 21 ads media. It stretches our ability to communicate the client’s desires affectively, and we grow from it. Not to mention, imagination is brought to life in digital form. See below for a visual display of the branding process.

Shapes, colors, and typeface v1

To start the process, some ideas for an icon were thrown out just for fun and to test the waters a bit. To represent, the excellent quality of medical care provided, we thought a nice gold would be a good place to start in the logo (apparently not a great long term thought), and the bold choice of a serif font in all caps was eye-catching and very professional.

Icons and layout v2

After some revisions and feedback from the owners of Avalon Family Care, another round of icons were drafted. To remove the quandary of making too many decisions at once, colors were removed to focus on layout and the icons themselves. We find making simple decisions, one a time, during the creation process facilitates efficacy. For what it’s worth, the bottom layout and icon on this round of choices was our personal fave.

Practice makes better...

Sometimes it takes some time for ideas to turn into reality, and we don’t shy away from that conversation at 21 ads media. We’re here to guide you to a successful brand image, every step of the way.

More layouts, more icons, with some colors thrown back into spice things up a bit and offer a new perspective.

And we have an icon! Now for the all important color scheme....

The heart was chosen for the icon and graphical representation of Avalon Family Care, and a horizontal layout was decided would look best for a digital web presence.

Next up, an array of colors was served up to the client to see a wide variety of emotional represented by their brand. 

The green hue was the winner. Now to nail down some fine tuning.

Green gives a calming effect to the viewer and provides a stable, clear and calming connection the to viewer. From that vantage point, it was important to nail down some finer points in their logo.

The winning choice and final logo:

We love, love, LOVE this logo, and the clients did as well. That’s always our goal at 21 ads media throughout the entire branding process. We want our clients to fall in love with their visual representation of their company. If this is the case, most likely, the clients will as well!

Now to create a website descriptive of the services offered.

For Avalon Family Care, the main objective of their website is to provide a place for clients to find out more information about the business and contact their future medical provider.
In keeping with the theme of the logo, the cool and calming green is on display through the entire website, offering a healing presence to all who visit. View their entire website using the iframe below. To view their website, simply scroll, click, browse in the box below.
All of the website created by 21 ads media are responsive first designs, so in the iframe below, you’ll view either a tablet view of the website or a mobile view, depending on the device used to view this blog post. With over 2/3 of traffic on the internet being mobile users, thats a fundamental principle behind website success.

Satisfied Clients

Really great to work with. Has gone above and beyond for our website. Highly recommend.

He is very honest and does a great job at getting our tiny little details and able to convey what we are communicating.

Zaunklay Finnila, M.D.

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