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Merrimack HallA Show Stopping Visual Update

Serving the community with disabilities, Merrimack Hall has history and is building a legacy of inclusion. We worked to update their digital presence while honoring tradition.

Updating the Logo for the Now

Merrimack Hall’s original logo was created in 2007 for the intended use of the venue – a local theater to host medium sized performances in its renovated 302-seat theater.

At some point, the venue changed its focus, yet forgot to update its brand to match. While definitely artistic, for us the logo didn’t speak to its current mission of serving people with special needs with a curriculum of qualitative and substantive arts education programs.


Making Branding Choices

Though classy, their original branding (on page 1 of the PDF) was difficult to read and for accessibility standards, it was lacking.

We set to work mocking up difference designs, while keeping the iconography consistent, maintaining brand recognition. You can see our work on subsequent pages, with multiple choices for the change of typography, and of course we presented them to the client for the final vote. 

Throughout the design process, we pause for feedback and review. Branding with 21 ads media allows for as many revisions as need. Clients and your business’ customers should consistently be impressed by the final result.

We always keeping the needs of our clients foremost in our minds.

Building Out a Brand

Designers, Merrimack Hall Staff and its Board of Directors reached a consensus in late 2021. The logo, ironically showcasing a font named “Casablanca,” was ready for its debut on the big and small screens alike.

With a logo in place, their website was next to get the facelift this wonderful non-profit organization deserved. Full of heart and happiness, their building is lovingly nicknamed, “My Happy Place.”

It is a home for an entire community, the arts uniting its members through a common shared experience.

Merrimack Hall Final Logo 2021

The Original Website

Take a quick peek at the following video, a screencast of the original website’s design.

The structure was present, but updates were sorely needed. Our job was to build consistency from top to bottom, inside and out.

Play Video

The Updated Result

If we could summarize the resulting website in one word, we’d choose “modern.”

With a plethora of heart melting photos to choose from, we wanted to bring Merrimack Hall’s mission to life on a digital platform. Carefully curating where to place photos and integrate informational website copy, we built a wonderfully themed Merrimack Hall website.

With impressive SEO specs already, we optimized keyword performance and website copy to reflect the main purpose of their mission – to build a lasting legacy of inclusion in North Alabama.

Oh? And have we mentioned we did this at an incredibly affordable rate for the non-profit? 

All services were provided free of charge.

That’s the heart & soul of our mission. To make the world a better place through the gift of technology.

Satisfied Clients

21 ads media is the most professional and prompt business service we use!

From great marketing to creative and unique graphics, we could not be more satisfied with our website hosting service. Andrew takes the time to learn the goals and then create a plan to help you meet them.

Cannot recommend 21 ads media enough!

Lauren Chenoweth, Director of Operations

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