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Polished Cleaning CompanyInitial Branding and Landing Page Creation

Satisfied clients come back to us for additional work. We branded a sister company – Polished Cleaning Company – and built a brochure landing page.

Referrals mean we got Something Right

As a fledging marketing company, it means the world to us when a client returns with more work coming our way.

We completed the branding for First Choice Painting & Renovation in May 2021, and a few months later, when they decided to corner the homeowner market by beginning a house cleaning business, they knew where to look for branding and website creation.

You Only Have to Ask

After a short phone call where the owners asked for more of our marketing expertise, we set to work with a similar theme for Polished Cleaning Company.

The target audience is upscale homeowners in North Alabama, with a look that portrays “clean” and colors that please the soul – just like a clean house. You can see our initial mockups and renderings for concepts here. 

For a peek insider our designer’s brain, he names all initial renderings with the file format, “CompanyName-Sketchpad.ai” since that’s what they are. These are our bar napkins; except the napkin is a screen, and our bar is black Ethiopian Coffee.

When You Know What a Client Likes...

Being familiar with a clients preferred tastes, this design process was shortened considerably. The large, bold font from First Choice Painting & Renovation was selected, and the co-owner fell in love with the theme of bubbles, immediately. 

Also, the primary color of purple was selected and an accent of light yellow was added to give the entire brand aesthetic that “clean look.”

The result is simple yet effective.

The Final Result

Take a look at the final logo design for Polished Cleaning Company. As with all of our clients, a simple branding guide is provided along with layout variations and color alternatives for specific application.

When you work with 21 ads media, we ensure you have everything you need for your road to entrepreneurial success. If you ever need anything additional, you can always ask.

We are happy to help.

A Landing Page for Leads

The final step in completing Polished Cleaning Company’s client work was to fire up a website and fill it with their beautiful new branding. The result? A lovely one-page brochure site to fit their design aesthetic.

Through content provided by the business owner and stock photography included as a perk of partnering with us, the company now has a page for potential customers to get the answers the need. 

Satisfied Clients

To say the results have been amazing would be an understatement. It has already paid for itself ten times over, bringing in more work and clients.

The whole rebranding process easy and stress free. If you’re considering hiring 21 ads media for your business, do it.

They provided great value and it more than paid for itself. I will definitely be going to them for all future needs.

Thomas Lewis, Owner, First Choice Painting

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