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New Day AdvisoryRevamping a website's old bones

21 ads media partnered New Day Advisory to overhaul their website, breathing new life into it to serve as a wealth of information for current and future clients.

a brand new start for New Day Advisory

New Day Advisory had a great layout designed by a third party web design company. The color scheme was bright, yet inviting, and the content and compilation of images and graphics worked for their brand.

the problem

The company couldn’t update their website. At all. It wasn’t static. Far from it; in fact, their website was built using WordPress – the CMS of choice for 21 ads media when building websites. However, the theme designed by the original development company was cryptic and archaic. Data was masked using custom post types everywhere, and for no specific reason. 

So when Sam Davis, the principal at New Day Advisory approached us about adding some content to their existing website, we asked if we could peek “under the hood” first. The framework of the original website was more maze than framework. 

the solution

So our task became a little more than just adding content. We asked permission to rebuild their site from the ground up. Keeping the existing layout, and using our preferred suite of WordPress tools, we breathed new life into New Day Advisory.

Today their website is a multipurpose resource for the current and future clients. New Day Advisory wishes to position themselves as experts on managing a business’ resources in Middle TN, and their new site is the perfect platform to display the information. 

final result

Satisfied Clients

From the moment we spoke I knew this was our best choice.

His technical skills and intuitive insight to know what we needed was like no other. Andrew was able to take our layman’s terms and create our website down the the smallest detail with security and precision.

His professionalism and response time always exceeds our expectations. Of course we are not their only client, but it sure does feel like it!

Melissa Lester, Marketing Executive

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