Branding for Henegar Counseling

Initial Branding and Website Development

Henegar Counseling is private practice behavioral health specialist, owned and operated by Dr. LaTricia Henegar. Dr. Henegar approached us asking to take her newly founded practice in the digital age, specifically so that new clients could put a face to her service.

A pleasure to work with, Dr. Henegar had a vision and direction for her company, and after a brief on-boarding process, we got to work turning her dream into reality. 

Initial Branding Process

Just like in real life, sometimes things don’t turn out they way we want them to. Branding for Henegar Counseling was one of these examples. Dr. Henegar initially wanted a scripted font (see below) for her company name in the logo. So we threw the kitchen sinks of fonts her way, and notably, she chose none of them. Together though, we paved a path to success in something simple and easy for a potential client to view her name.

The symbol for her company is a version of the phoenix – representing new life for her clients.

Website Development

Once her business had a face, we found a place to host her website in an affordable manner. There’s lots of hidden costs associated with creating and hosting a website. For a newly created business who is trying to expand its client base, there isn’t necessarily a line item in the budget for technology expense. 

WordPress is our wheelhouse at 21 ads media, it is the platform of choice for us, but we aren’t a one trick pony. So after some research for Dr. Henegar an alternative hosting options. We decided Wix was the most cost-effective solution for her company, while maintaining a friendly user-interface for future updates to her site. Again, website maintenance and updates to content takes thought and time, and can be an expensive endeavor for any business, at 21 ads media, we work with our clients to find the solution that fits their business’s mission the best.

Bonus Branding by Video

While it isn’t our forte, sometimes as digital marketers, we have to adapt to meet the needs of our clients

Dr. Henegar wanted a way for her potential clients to meet her when viewing her website. A picture is worth 1,000 words, but video is priceless. So we packed up our equipment, drove to Opelika, and filmed a commercial, of sorts. After a quick run through Premiere Pro, we produced the following video for Henegar Counseling.

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