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Circular Farm. Definitely one of the most fun projects to-date. A complete rebranding from Woodland Valley Mushrooms to Circular Farm. Transforming from a static website to a multi-channel e-commerce website with education blog, Circular Farm is devoted to turning waste into economic prosperity while enhancing ecosystems and communities simultaneously.

Circular Farm Rebranding

Completely new territory for a container-based mushroom farm in South Carolina

Okay, so this one was a bit different than previous ones..

To get an idea of how things started, let me present you with the “problem”. And “problem” is quoted because, to be fair, the original website for Woodland Valley Mushrooms got the job done. It gave the company a presence on the web and provided valuable information to those who visited the site to either A) purchase mushrooms or B) learn about the process Woodland Valley Mushrooms used to grow their products.

However, when approached by the co-owners of the company, they acquainted me with their future vision for the company: they wanted increased flexibility for their clients to learn and grow their own sustainable techniques for creating an at-home circular economy.

from Woodland Valley Mushrooms to Circular Farm

Comparing the two is like comparing apples to elephants, really. While we incorporated a lot of the design components from the old logo into the new name and vision for the company, we definitely updated and upgrade the visual aesthetic of Circular Farm’s brand.

Circular Farm exists to connect their clients to an at-home circular economy. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of Circular Economy, don’t worry we weren’t either, but there’s some great resources out there to help you learn. Google is your friend, here.

logo inspiration from the client

So the proprietors had a good idea in mind of what they wanted the logo to represent, and the picture here shows what they are all about. Circular Farm takes waste products and reintroduces them into the economy to propel growth. In their case, they use agricultural and industrial byproducts in the creation of mycelium substrate to grow mushrooms for consumption, regenerating the soil for reintroduction for industrial and agricultural applications.

Image from Wikipedia

For the Circular Farm logo, the color scheme was large kept. Notably, the green provides a direct unconscious connection to the earth and the environment – a substantial pillar of Circular Farm’s business principles. Keeping the typeface choice from the previous logo was a no brainer as well, the bold (pun intended) choice of lettering is clear and readable for many, many different applications. Think website, social media, product packaging and even merchandising.

an early revision of the Circular Farm logo

The concept here is fairly obvious. The goal was to incorporate the circular economy image above directly into their brand.

revision after client feedback

The logo is the client’s property, always, in our opinion. So their direct feedback is invaluable to sort out what they like, and equally what they do not like.

our opinion matters too (sometimes)

It’s often useful to see what a logo would look like at the top of a webpage. In Circular Farm’s case, there was not a visually appealing way to make this choice of logo layout work in the header of a webpage. It made the height of the header too tall on a desktop; then the logo was almost unrecognizable on a mobile device. The obvious choice here was to pretty much abandon this concept. 

While this idea of letting go a working concept isn’t so much desirable, it’s not the end of the world. Our goal is to see a client’s heart sing when they see their logo, and it has to make the prospective website visitor want to purchase the product or services for the company. So we started again…

and then we nailed it.

Sometimes, a little fresh start is a good thing. And then geometry and dumb luck does the rest. Thanks to Adobe Illustrator’s new repeater too, we took the mushroom from the original design, applied a little radial repeat, and viola! We had an icon!

Add in a little typeface modification and a working logo was born:

Now to make that layout work on the web:

We love, love, LOVE this logo, and the clients did as well. That’s always our goal at 21 ads media throughout the entire branding process. We want our clients to fall in love with their visual representation of their company. If this is the case, most likely, the clients will as well!

To complete the process, we designed the website for Circular Farm as well. Read the next article here:

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